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We the People - Finland

People’s movement in Finland

Me Kansa

We the people Finland

ME KANSA people’s movement is a non-political patriotic movement, which was born due to deep and intense distrust of the political parties and the government in Finland. We believe in a strong economy, nation-state, a constitutional government and justice.

Further, in our studies, we have been able to provide proof of serious criminal acts which have been committed here in Finland by the representatives of the Parliament, government members as well as presidents. There is also conclusive evidence regarding foreign agents giving orders to Finnish authorities.

Our goal is to bring this country, the Republic of Finland, back to her people. The globalists, who are destroying the country, will be ousted and brought to justice for the serious crimes committed by them. The separation of power must be restored and the branches cleared of globalists.

Me Kansa people’s movement is a nationwide organization which is capable and willing to take our nation, the republic of Finland, back into our, the people’s, hands.

Me Kansa people’s movement is and will be the leading actor governed by the blue-white patriots.

Dear Friends and Patriots around the world, we want to establish cooperation with your movements. We want to fight for freedom and against criminal activities committed toward children, crimes against humanity and Treason.

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